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Photo Post

The new header image is part of a much larger picture I took this spring, during the annual Mississippi River flooding.

Mississippi River, Lower Ninth Ward, levees

Mississippi River in annual spring flood

The river is currently much lower, and in fact just yesterday I was walking down amongst the roots of those trees without even getting my sneakers muddy.

Why Did the Heron Cross the Road?

great white heron, great white egret

Things you see driving around in Holy Cross.

I took this picture a little earlier in the spring and only just now have gotten around to uploading it. We were driving through the neighborhood and literally had to stop driving because the bird was walking along in the center of the road without a care in the world. It stared at the car as if to say “I do what I want!” Eventually it wandered off to the side, where I snapped a few pics with my phone. Happily, this one turned out reasonably well.